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India Needs a Mega-Bailout. Here's How - Washington Post

Federal watchdog to update audit of Detroit's demolition program - The Detroit News

Blame spending, not Trump tax cuts, for the national debt - USA TODAY

Did Bailout 'Lyft' General Motors Back Up To 'Uber'-Elite Status, Or Brew A Perfect Storm? - Seeking Alpha

Former TARP watchdog: 'No question' that banks will need another bailout - Yahoo Finance

What an Indian TARP Program Might Look Like - Deccan Herald

Final Merit Board Nominee Promises to Protect Civil Service as Agency Looks to Regain Teeth - GovExec.com

Put Away The Board Games, It's FOMC Time! - FXStreet

The TARP we needed - The Week Magazine

Thousands of Detroit residents have been displaced illegally ? and Duggan's answer is to demolish the homes - Detroit Metro Times

Demolish industrial hulks - Toledo Blade

10 Years of Troubled Asset Relief Program - Lexology

TARP watchdog describes the 'biggest failure' of the financial crisis program - Yahoo Finance

Now We Know How Much the Financial Crisis Cost - Barron's

Imaginative 'Detroit Square' Project Would Transform Midtown's Cultural Center - Daily Detroit

There's Another Crash Coming, and We've Got to Be Ready - ghionjournal.com

Theresa May Shouldn?t Bank on a TARP Moment for Brexit - The New York Times

Time to Break Up the 21st Century Tech Trusts - CounterPunch

Economic Dominoes Are Starting To Drop - Forbes

U.S. Bailout From Last Recession Lives on as Downturn Risks Rise - Bloomberg

Handful of banks cling to TARP - Investigate reporting workshop

10 Years Later, Assessing the Dangerous Legacy of TARP - RealClearMarkets

Elizabeth Warren Is Completely Serious - The New York Times

Federal Spending Hits Highest Level Since Bank Bailout and Obama Stimulus - CNSNews.com

Did Wall Street get a ?trillion-dollar bailout? during the financial crisis? - The Washington Post

Tarp was not a bailout, and the government's profit was huge - American Banker

Here's how much the 2008 bailouts really cost - MIT Sloan News

How Many Bank Bailouts Can America Withstand? - The Wall Street Journal

Turns Out That Trillion-Dollar Bailout Was, in Fact, Real - Rolling Stone

Ten years since the 2008 bank bailout - World Socialist Web Site

Economics Lessons From the Financial Crisis: Neel Kashkari - Investopedia

21st Century Conglomerate Trusts - CounterPunch

What did America buy with the auto bailout, and was it worth it? - Marketplace APM

4 TARP Recipients That Made A Profit - Forbes

Brexit vote plan is more twerp than TARP - Breakingviews

Maxine Waters wasn't indicted for steering money to husband - PolitiFact

The Austerity Delusion - Daily Times

Faces of the financial crisis: Where are they now? (Policymaker edition) - American Banker

10 Years Later, The Financial Crisis Still Resonates - NPR

An Audit from the Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Exposes Weaknesses in TARP's Hardest Hit Fund - CityLab

Bush-Era Treasury Official Named CBO Director - ThinkAdvisor

TARP After Three Years: It Made Things Worse, Not Better - Forbes

The US Financial Crisis - Council on Foreign Relations

Taxpayers are still bailing out Wall Street, eight years later - The Washington Post

Overselling TARP: The Myth of the $15 Billion Profit - National Review Online

8 years later, a look back on TARP - HousingWire

Who Lost the Most in the Financial Crisis? Ordinary Americans. - Washington Post

Will we survive the next financial crisis? - POLITICO

From The New Deal To The Green New Deal - HuffPost

How Successful Has TARP Been After Seven Years? - DSNews.com

Bush signs TARP legislation, Oct. 3, 2008 - Politico

US ends TARP with $15.3 billion profit - CNNMoney

SIGTARP Faults State Agencies on Misusing Hardest Hit Fund - National Mortgage Professional Magazine

A Look Back At TARP's Successes, Failures - NPR

Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner say they bailed out Wall Street to help Main Street - CNBC

Troubled Assets May Still Pose Risk - New York Times

Bush bails out U.S. automakers, Dec. 19, 2008 - Politico

Paulson's rescue plan is called 'TARP' - Politico

Was TARP Worth It? - Forbes

A guide to the financial crisis ? 10 years later - The Washington Post

16 banks owe TARP money 8 years after Great Recession - Federal Times

Reviled And Revered, TARP Expires - NPR

The biggest bailout in history, 10 years later - Marketplace APM

?Too Big? Is Too Little - Jacobin magazine

Homeowner assistance program winding down - AdVantageNEWS.com

A legacy of the financial crisis? The makings of the next one. - The Washington Post

Fed Official Who Bailed Out Big Banks Is Now One of Their Biggest Critics - The Wall Street Journal

What we learned from the financial crisis ? and what we've already forgotten - Los Angeles Times

What Did TARP Accomplish? - New York Times

This obscure government agency has a plan to put Wall Street CEOs in prison - The Washington Post

SIGTARP proves that some bankers aren't too big to jail - Washington Post

The Great Bailout Backlash - New York Times

TARP 'Most Successful US Program Ever': Bove - CNBC

2019 Champions of Business ? Bank of Blue Valley - Kansas City Business - Kansas City Business Journal

How the Bank Bailout Hobbled the Climate Fight - The New Republic

This Day In Market History: The $700B TARP Bailout - Benzinga

US Student-Loan Delinquencies Hit Record - Bloomberg

Seeds of populist anger sown in Wall Street bailout that never reached Main Street - Washington Post

The Big Fish Seen Escaping an Agency Pursuing Bank Fraud - The New York Times

Congress Grows a Spine - Reason

Democrats Who Voted Against TARP Funds Say It Wasn't About the Auto Bailouts - The Nation.

Markets News The Top Terms Searched on Investopedia Throughout the Financial Crisis - Investopedia

Here?s what J.P. Morgan says could cause the next financial crisis - MarketWatch

4 Wilmington Trust Execs Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison For Real Estate Fraud Philadelphia Capital - Bisnow

Failed bank CEO gets 14 months for trying to scam $13M in TARP funds - HousingWire

U.S. Declares Bank and Auto Bailouts Over, and Profitable - New York Times

The toxic alphabet soup that almost took down Wall Street is staging a comeback - CNBC

'Too big to fail' is alive and kicking - American Banker

The Biggest Legacy of the Financial Crisis Is the Trump Presidency - Bloomberg

Inland Man Admits Ripping Off Federal Relief Program - Patch.com

How To Avoid Paying For The Next Banking Crisis - Forbes

'He?s respected on both sides of the aisle': Maryland professor Phillip L. Swagel named CBO director - Baltimore Sun

'Too big to fail, too big to exist': Bernie Sanders takes aim at banks with new bill - ABC News

How banks have set a trap for the U.S. Fed by creating money - The Conversation - Canada

Why Jamie Dimon can't be president - Politico

Government shutdown: Pelosi learned to say ?no? with Bush. Trump is a new test. - Vox.com

Bailout highly profitable for taxpayers, when you look at the right numbers - Washington Post

Ten years ago this month ? looking back at the financial crisis - Albuquerque Journal

Subpoenas issued in criminal probe of Detroit demolitions - The Detroit News

Ellen Tauscher, former House member and diplomat, dies at 67 - Roll Call

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