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Would market shock force UK parliament's hand on Brexit? - WSAU News

Politicians, community leaders vouch for convicted bank exec - Associated Press

Tom Crouser: GM and the American Way (Daily Mail Opinion) - Charleston Gazette-Mail

Former FB&T banker sentenced, banned from banking - Great Bend Tribune

Breakingviews - Brexit vote plan is more twerp than TARP - Reuters

10 Years of Troubled Asset Relief Program - Lexology

We should all have a little more faith in the UK's ability to weather storms - CNBC

TARP watchdog describes the 'biggest failure' of the financial crisis program - Yahoo Finance

Morgan Stanley: 'We are in a bear market' - Yahoo Finance

The Best Way to Cash In on the US "Debt-splosion" - Money Morning

What did America buy with the auto bailout, and was it worth it? - KUAR

The Brexit endgame: Parliament strikes back - Brookings Institution

How auto industry towns are faring a decade after the bailout - WUWM

Moses held up the cyber mantle at OMB office - Federal News Network

Feds want judge to unseal Wilmington Trust sentencing memos - Star Tribune

BankThink Danger lurks in latest deregulatory push - American Banker

How Might Market Reactions Guide Brexit Votes? - Seeking Alpha

Trump Says General Motors Should Pay Back Bankruptcy Aid, Proposes More Tariffs - Car and Driver

Autoworkers ready to fight GM over its callous layoffs | TheHill - The Hill

Three ways of looking at public attitudes about the Trump economy - Washington Post

The Day Congress Passed TARP, Ten Years Later - Bloomberg

Johnson County man sentenced, banned from banking - Salina Post

Markets Won?t Come to the Rescue In a Brexit Crisis - Bloomberg

Cuyahoga Land Bank employee indicted for trading contracts for home improvements - Cleveland 19 News

Fed's Kashkari says rates should not go up when job creation is strong and inflation is tame - CNBC

Technical Scoop - Weekend Update December 10 2018 - Gold Seek

Calculating The Brexit Arithmetic - NPR

Distinguished pol of the week: The year of Nancy - The Washington Post

The TARP we needed - The Week Magazine

Paul Ryan Was Always More Political Hack Than Policy Genius - HuffPost

Tarp was not a bailout, and the government's profit was huge - American Banker

4 TARP Recipients That Made A Profit - Forbes

10 Years Later, The Financial Crisis Still Resonates - NPR

Community Banker of the Year: City Holding's Skip Hageboeck - American Banker

First Midwest closing in on deal for Bridgeview Bank - Crain's Chicago Business

Why TARP has been a success story - Washington Post

Aaron Lipson, SEC Associate Regional Director Of Atlanta Office, To Leave Agency After 14 Years Of Service - Exchange News Direct

10 Years Later, Assessing the Dangerous Legacy of TARP - RealClearMarkets

Lessons From the Financial Crisis: Neel Kashkari - Investopedia

Investors to Ignore North Korea Until It Sways China Trade Ties - Newsmax

Faces of the financial crisis: Where are they now? (Policymaker edition) - American Banker

How Many Bank Bailouts Can America Withstand? - The Wall Street Journal

Banker of the Year: Zions' Harris Simmons - American Banker

8 years later, a look back on TARP - HousingWire

Brexit latest: Market crash unlikely to convince MPs in second vote - Verdict

TARP After Three Years: It Made Things Worse, Not Better - Forbes

The Making of Elizabeth Warren - POLITICO

Report criticizes Indiana agency for spending foreclosure relief money on bonuses, water for workers - WRTV Indianapolis

Former North Carolina credit union CEO charged with fraud, embezzlement - Credit Union Journal

The Brexit endgame: Deal or no deal? - Brookings Institution

This Day In Market History, Oct. 3: $700B TARP Bailout - Benzinga

A Look Back At TARP's Successes, Failures - NPR

An Audit from the Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Exposes Weaknesses in TARP's Hardest Hit Fund - CityLab

This Is the Reason We Have A Highly Unstable Banking System - Forbes Now

The biggest bailout in history, 10 years later - Marketplace APM

Was TARP Worth It? - Forbes

Mexico's AMLO Sets Stocks Up for Tremendous Rally - Bloomberg

Taxpayers are still bailing out Wall Street, eight years later - The Washington Post

Big banks still threaten the economy. But Congress is asleep at the wheel. - The Washington Post

Australian property prices could crash by 50% in ?outrageous? scenario - NEWS.com.au

A guide to the financial crisis ? 10 years later - The Washington Post

May?s Brexit deal is already doomed - The Irish Times

Ten years since the 2008 bank bailout - World Socialist Web Site

Feds say Wilmington Trust officials victims of own arrogance - Seattle Times

Damning report finds state agencies wasted millions meant for struggling homeowners - HousingWire

TARP 'Most Successful US Program Ever': Bove - CNBC

10 years after the financial meltdown, the politics of selfishness persists - The Mercury News

Conservative Media Try To Discredit Tesla Via EV Tax Credit Campaign ? #MediaAnalysis - CleanTechnica

Ten years ago, Washington put politics aside to save the economy. Could that happen today? - Yahoo Lifestyle

Ohio News: Cuyahoga County Land Bank employee, Kenneth Tyson indicted for soliciting and accepting improvements to his property in Cleveland Heights in return for assisting a demolition company get contracts - STL.News

A legacy of the financial crisis? The makings of the next one. - The Washington Post

Seeds of populist anger sown in Wall Street bailout that never reached Main Street - Washington Post

A better and fairer bailout during the financial crisis was possible, Soros says - MarketWatch

10 Years Later, Where Are They Now? - DSNews.com

Paulson's rescue plan is called 'TARP' - Politico

Democrats Who Voted Against TARP Funds Say It Wasn't About the Auto Bailouts - The Nation.

The toxic alphabet soup that almost took down Wall Street is staging a comeback - CNBC

Overselling TARP: The Myth of the $15 Billion Profit - National Review Online

Troubled Assets May Still Pose Risk - New York Times

Bush signs TARP legislation, Oct. 3, 2008 - Politico

This Bailout Watchdog Says Wall Street Execs Need to Face Prosecution - Fortune

Trustee Steven C. Preston takes on a new challenge - The Wheaton Record - Wheaton Record

How To Avoid Paying For The Next Banking Crisis - Forbes

What Did TARP Accomplish? - New York Times

More faces of the financial crisis: Where are they now? (Banker edition) - American Banker

Treasury watchdog questions meals, bonuses paid out from housing relief funds - The Washington Post

No more bailouts: The lawmakers behind Dodd-Frank say that taxpayers won?t foot the bill the next time a bank fails - Marketplace APM

'Too big to fail' is alive and kicking - American Banker

A Better Bailout Was Possible | by Rob Johnson & George Soros - Project Syndicate

How banks have set a trap for the U.S. Fed by creating money - The Conversation - Canada

Troubled Little Rock bank agrees to sale - Arkansas Online

Failed bank CEO gets 14 months for trying to scam $13M in TARP funds - HousingWire

The Great Bailout Backlash - New York Times

Government funds spent on steak, seafood, employee parties - WTVD-TV

Nevada to lose $6.7M in aid for struggling homeowners - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Lehman Brothers Collapse: Ordinary Americans Lost the Most - Bloomberg

Trump's budget could make it harder to investigate banks that received taxpayer bailouts - The Washington Post

Reviled And Revered, TARP Expires - NPR

SIGTARP seeks more scrutiny of Making Home Affordable servicers - National Mortgage News

Despite demolition efforts, blight spreads undetected throughout Detroit's neighborhoods - Detroit Metro Times

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