Neel Kashkari Profiled by New York Times

Access to the October 8, 2008 New York Times article, Bailout Role Elevates U.S. Official, may require registration.

TARP will be led by 35 year old Neel Kashkari who switched from an engineering career to finance six years ago, and has been working closely with Treasury Secretary Paulson since Paulson took the post in 2006.

From the article:

Mr. Paulson hired [Kashkari] as his special assistant, a kind of handyman position for which he took on a series of projects that caught the secretary’s interest…

Mr. Paulson soon put him in charge of an effort to have mortgage holders voluntarily change financing terms in order to prevent foreclosures. The program met with only mixed success, but a Treasury spokeswoman said that it was never intended to be a “silver bullet,” given the complexity of the overall problem.

This summer, Mr. Kashkari was promoted, winning Senate confirmation to be assistant secretary for international economics. Among other things, he has focused on working with American banks toward adoption of a less-risky system of mortgage-based bonds that is popular in Europe.

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